Just play options for beach volleyball in Berlin

Overview options for beach volleyball playing in Berlin.

In Berlin there are several possibilities to play beach volleyball. Some of you will be new in Berlin or maybe only for a short period of time, so it is certainly good to know a few addresses where you can register for beach volleyball at short notice. You can find the best options and additional information here. In order to find good players beyond the F1 level, only the two largest beach volleyball groups might be an option or an explicit search for use of out whatsapp groupt. Herefor please write us an email.

In Berlin there are 2 large beach volleyball groups that always play at the same time and in the same location. These groups are called “Just Play” and “Lust auf nen Vierer”. These groups can sometimes reach up to 60 participants. They offer a great opportunity to get started in the beach volleyball scene in Berlin. The levels in these two groups vary widely. There are “bloody” beginners but also good players who play a relatively high level.

There are also several groups on Facebook for beach volleyball. These groups differ from the other two groups in that there are no fixed playing times or fixed locations. Rather, there are groups where everyone can spontaneously write in that they want to play. Usually the following information is sufficient: time (when do you want to play), location (where) and your level of play. Other participants then get in touch and it is organized directly via social media.

The last option is to register in a MeetUp group in order to find people interested in beach volleyball. MeetUp groups often play at the same time. Registration is flexible and can be done at relatively short notice. These groups are more suitable for levels A1 and A2.

Beachvolleyball Möglichkeiten in Berlin (Stand 11/2019)

Beach volleyball at “Lust auf nen Vierer” | Details.

In terms of numbers, this is the largest group for beach volleyball in Berlin. You can find registration for the group on Facebook:


The game is played weekly in winter on Sunday in 2 different places: South Beach and East 61. In summer, games are only played in Beach 61 (Park Gleisdreieck), but outside.

Registration always starts in the week on Tuesday and does not have a specific time. A post is created by the administrator of the Facebook group and everyone who wants to play on Sunday must register on Facebook as soon as possible. The post usually appears around 4-5 p.m. The first ~ 50 places then get a right to play. You have to be very quick to register, the places are often gone within 2-3 hours.

Then you meet in South Beach or East 61 and just play with like-minded people. You don’t need a play partner and you can go there alone.

Beachvolleyball at Just Play | Details.

A relatively large group with a similar level of play (A1-F1) is the JustPlay beach volleyball group. It takes place on a weekly basis. Registration can be done by telephone and is accepted starting from Monday of the respective week.

Registration by phone: 030 68089864

Additional information:

MeetUp beach volleyball groups in Berlin | Details.

There are various MeetUp groups in Berlin. Most MeetUp groups play at levels A1 and A2. Sometimes there is no fixed date, but is organized and played spontaneously.

Following you can find some examples:




Beach volleyball groups at Facebook | Details.

There are various Facebook groups for beach volleybal in Berlin. They have the same level as the MeetUp groups A1 and A2. Sometimes there is no fixed date either, but is organized and played spontaneously.

Some examples below:

Beachvolleyball Berlin one:


Berlin Beachvolleyball:


Beach volleyball in Berlin with experienced players > F2 (WhatsApp Group).

Are you new to Berlin or just visiting for a short time and looking for strong beach volleyball partners or opponents. Then write to us personally, with some information e.g. how many DVV points you have or which tournaments you have already played and we will help you. In order to network good players, we have also founded a beach volleyball WhatsApp group in Berlin.