BIODERMA supports beach volleyball

Each of our participants will now receive valuable skincare products from the brand BIODERMA. While supplies last.

BIODERMA is a leading French skincare brand known for its scientifically based and dermatologically tested products. For over 40 years, BIODERMA has been developing innovative skincare products based on the principle of ecobiology, respecting and supporting the skin’s natural functions. The brand offers specialized solutions for various skin needs, including sensitive, acne-prone, dry, and hyperpigmented skin. With a strong focus on research and development, BIODERMA works closely with dermatologists and medical experts to create products that promote and maintain skin health. Instead of just treating symptoms, BIODERMA focuses on addressing the causes of skin problems. Thanks to its effective and well-tolerated formulas, BIODERMA is trusted worldwide by consumers, dermatologists, and pharmacists.

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