Beach volleyball camp in Berlin in March 2022

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General about beach volleyball camp

On the first weekend in 2022 we are organizing a weekend camp (05.03.-06.03.) for beach volleyball in Berlin. The camp takes place on Saturday and Sunday in the hotspot of the beach volleyball Beach Mitte. We will train 2 small groups intensively. There will be 2 units per day per group. All training units will have a clear focus on specific game elements, so that almost the entire portfolio of game elements will be trained (acceptance, serves, pass, attack, tactics, etc.). Our trainer Vadimas Nikiforovas is an ex-professional player with international experience and meanwhile he has more than 10 years of experience as a professional beach volleyball coach in Berlin.

Beach volleyball camp training levels

Our beach volleyball training in Berlin has a strong focus on 4 elements. We live it and follow it strictly every training:

Each player is individual and has their own strengths, experiences, psycho-logical mindsets, etc. therefore we attach high importance to the individuality of the training and track the progress of each individual athlete. We give understandable tips for improvement to you. These tips are not too theoretical, we understand that our suggestions must be practical and feasible. We accompany the implementation of the suggestions in small groups with a maximum of 6 players. We don’t believe in mass beach volleyball. We hate a disconnection between player and trainer. You always have a trainer available nearby. Our trainers have experience with volleyball as a competitive sport and still play high-class competitions themselves.

Two groups will be trained: A2 (beginners who already know the basic techniques a little) and F1 (advanced learners who already have some experience with basic techniques). Your level will be requested after booking and then we assign you to your group.

Structure of each training unit within the camp

To achieve high intensity and more individuality, we train with a maximum of 8 participants. The training units have a clear structure, the focus is on personal athletics and technique of each player.

Beach volleyball location in Berlin & our communication

The beach volleyball trainings take place in South Beach (Area 85), in Trachenbergring 85, 12249 Berlin . The course fees, balls and trainer are included in the packages. The camp will be conducted indoor.

Beachvolleyball Training in Berlin: 3 Sprachen sind möglich (

We speak your language: German, English and, if necessary, Russian.

Trainingspakete / Kosten

We offer you full flexibility. You can book the camp with us up 2 weeks before the start of the event (booking deadline is 19.02.2022), after the booking window will be closed. But be careful, there are only 8 places per training group. You simply book the respective training time (early bird vs. long sleeper). You can always cancel the camp free of charge 14 days before the date, just write us an email here. If you exceed the 14 day deadline, the booking is binding, as we need planning security to be fair.

The entire camp costs you 139 €, you train twice a day, so a total of 4 training units.

Beach volleyball camp in Berlin: Your trainer are highly experienced

Vadimas Nikiforovas – coach in January.

Vadimas is Lithuanian champion in beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. In Germany he played in the second Bundesliga for several years and won several A and A + (high-class) beach volleyball tournaments.

Vadimas has been giving professional beach volleyball training in Berlin for over 10 years and works as a trainer for the courses at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He is an absolute professional who recognizes the weak points of the players very quickly and immediately uses instruments to close and improve these weak points. He knows how to design the training so that the fun factor is not neglected.

Camp Impressions

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