Beach volleyball training in Berlin in summer 2021

Update 18.07.2021: Available places for beach volleyball camp in Beach Mitte in Berlin in September 2021. More information here.

Beach volleyball training levels

To have a lot of fun on the one hand and to create a professional training environment on the other hand we put strong focus on 3 elements, which we strongly follow each training:

Beach volleyball training rules at

Each player is individual and has their own strengths, experiences, psycho-logical mindsets, etc. therefore we attach high importance to the individuality of the training and track the progress of each individual athlete. We give understandable tips for improvement to you. These tips are not too theoretical, we understand that our suggestions must be practical and feasible. We accompany the implementation of the suggestions in small groups with a maximum of 6 players. We don’t believe in mass beach volleyball. We hate a disconnection between player and trainer. You always have a trainer available nearby. Our trainers have experience with volleyball as a competitive sport and still play high-class competitions themselves.

One beach volleyball training is currently available: on Sunday at 12 a.m. The level corresponds to A2 / F1. The training takes place outdoor in South Beach (AREA 85).

Structure of trainings

To achieve high intensity and more individuality, we train with a maximum of 6 participants. The training units have a clear structure, the focus is on personal athletics and technique of each player.

Clear beach volleyball training structure

Beach volleyball training location & languages

The beach volleyball trainings take place in South Beach, Trachenbergring 85, 12249 Berlin. The course fees, balls and sauna (due to Covid currently not avaiable) are included in the packages.

Beachvolleyball Training in Berlin: 3 Sprachen sind möglich (

We speak your language: German, English and, if necessary, Russian.

Training packages / units cost

We offer you full flexibility. The training units can always be booked 7 days before the trainings, then we close the booking window. You simply book the individual trainings with us (monthly packages), that fits exactly to your personal time schedule. You can always cancel the training free of charge 14 days before the appointment, just write us an email here. If you exceed the 14-day deadline, the book-ing is binding, since we also need planning security to be fair.

One training unit costs 17 Euro in Summer. Cost of 1 month depends on the amount sundays within the month.

Our beach volleyball trainer

Roman Bobryshev – Headcoach.

Roman’s heart has been always beating for volleyball. At the age of 8 he began to dig and to set the white balls. At 14 years old he played as a national team’s junior squad member under the flag of Russia.

Later there were such German institutions as SV Adelby in the local, regional and national leagues and also Eintracht Frankfurt in the 2nd Bundesliga. Currently Roman plays various beach volleyball tournaments of the series A++, A+ and A.

Max Hölzig – Coach.

Max Hölzig is the son of the legendary player Franko Hölzig, who has had more than 239 appearances for the Germany national team. Max himself has had more than 10 years of competitive sports experience and achieved many highlights.

So he was a several times German champion (indoor volleyball) with sports clubs such as TSC and SCC. He is a national cup winner in beach and indoor volleyball. He was a youth national team player, indoor volleyball initially and then in the sand. Until 2018 Max played in the 1st Bundesliga. Since 2019 Max has been fully focused on beach volleyball and plays A++, A+ and A tournaments.

Training Impressions

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New trainings will be available by end of July 2021.